INTACTA Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:ITAC), founded in 1995 is a technology leader in providing enabling application for interfacing documents with digital formats and enhancing digital communications.  Originally developed for the defense industry to secure transmission of field battle plans, INTACTA Technologies privatized and patented INTACTA.CODETM to develop products and applications that enable the secured faxing and emailing of paper and digital based information across the Internet.




Our mission is to develop performance enhancing communication and content management technologies that enable organizations to bridge existing information systems to a new communications media designed to drive business revenue.  INTACTA.CODE serves as the foundation for delivering software components that can be used to enhance information across a wide variety of industry segments and business processes.


May 5 2004

Intelleca Datacode (Pty) Ltd, the exclusive agent for INTACTA Technologies, Inc. in Sub-Saharan Africa and Australia announces the release of inTact, a secure document distribution application incorporating IntactaCode technology.

May 30 2002

INTACTA signs license agreement with Zixsys Inc., a subsidiary of Sanyo Semiconductor Company

Apr 30 2002

Verb Exchange(TM) and Intacta Technologies Inc. Create Alliance to Simplify Effective Secure Communications Management and Deployment for the Mobile Workforce

Apr 09 2002

Zebec Data Systems, Intelleca Healthcare and Intacta Technologies Create Alliance to Improve Healthcare Claims Processing

Mar 12 2002

Sanyo Semiconductor  Company establishes affiliate company, SecurityART



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